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Membership with OEHA entitles you to a wide variety of benefits ranging from professional development and continuing education to discounts, networking and representation.  Whether you are a student, work for a government agency or private industry, OEHA brings like-minded professionals together.  Regardless of your focus; water quality, food safety, waste water, air quality, preparedness or climate change, OEHA offers benefits and services to educate, promote and protect our profession and the environment.

  • Strengthen the collective voice of Environmental Heath

  • Professional Development & networks

  • Continuing Education

  • Conference Discounts                  

  • Scholarships supporting college students in EH

  • Collaborate with other EH organizations

  • Legislation/Lobby

  • Keep up to date on local, state and national EH issues via newsletters, workshops and affiliations

  • Discounted membership fee for first-year members

The True Value of Membership

Participating in OEHA helps build the collective voice needed to better advocate and promote the Environmental Health industry.  The association also provides a pathway for which to lobby, introduce legislation and support and protect Environmental Health and its practitioners.

Through OEHA we can work toward increasing professional recognition, developing the future workforce and increasing wages.  Together we can ensure the future of our profession, make a difference for you, the environment and our communities.

To Become a Member of OEHA:

Within OEHA, there are three classes of membership with voting privileges, which are Active, Agency, and Retired memberships.

Active membership may be conferred on anyone who has submitted a completed application and fee. 
Agency membership may be conferred on any nonprofit organization or institution, or official agency expressing interest in the field of environmental health. 

Retired membership is available to any individual who has retired from a career in environmental health. 

Student Membership is conferred upon an individual who is registered as a student and who is not employed in the field of environmental health. 

The cost for an active and agency membership is $50.00 annually. Student membership is $10.  Retired membership is free. If you are retired please email a request to join to

OEHA is offering free membership to individuals who are currently REHS Trainees with the state of Oregon. Use the Trainee Free Membership button below to register.


Use the join online button below to register and pay online. If you prefer to mail a check, please use the downloadable membership application.

OEHA Memberships run on the calendar year and expire at the end of every year. Renew today!

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