Starting out

Are you considering a career in the field of Environmental Health?

Congratulations! You are at the beginning of an exciting, varied and rewarding professional journey.

Obtaining your REHS Credential

"No issues are more important to the communities in which we live and work than clean air, safe food, and potable water. An individual with an REHS/RS credential has the skill set to ensure that these basic community necessities are met as well as to manage other critical functions such as emergency response, vector control, sewage sanitation, hazardous material handling and more.

"The REHS/RS is the most prevalent NEHA credential and professionals demonstrate competency in an impressive range of environmental health issues, directing and training personnel to respond to routine or emergency environmental situations, and providing education to their communities on environmental health concerns. In addition, REHS/RS credential holders are key members in ensuring communities are in compliance with local, state and federal environmental health regulations." (NEHA)

There are several paths that you can take to obtain your Environmental Health Specialist credential. Learn more about which of these different opportunities best fits your life, find study materials for the REHS Exam, and apply for your credential through the National Environmental Health Association. 


Are you looking for a work as an EHS in the State of Oregon? 


Many EHS positions in Oregon require applicants to be registered as Environmental Health Specialists with the Oregon Health Licensing Office (HLO). Contact the Oregon HLO to find out how to obtain the Licensed Environmental Health Specialist credential and whether there is reciprocity with your credential from another state.