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Legislative Updates


The following pages and resources track key pieces of federal and state legislation that promote or reflect OEHA’s interests. Critical bills introduced in Congress or the states are listed here. OEHA members are encouraged to provide their own comments to the proper legislative body to assist in enlightening policy makers about environmental health.

Background Information about the Oregon Legislature

The Oregon Legislature meets annually for 35-day short sessions on even-numbered years and 160-day regular sessions on odd-numbered years. The legislature has 30 Senators and 60 Representatives. There are no term limits and Senators serve four-year terms, and Representatives serve two-year terms. Every Oregonian is represented by one State Senator and one State Representative. The legislature is a “citizen’s assembly” which means most legislators have other jobs in addition to being a legislator.

Bills can be introduced in either the Senate or the House, except for bills that increase revenue which must be started in the House. All bills must flow through a committee before being voted on. The most powerful committee is the Joint Ways and Means committee which holds financial power. 

Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials (CLHO)

CLHO supports partner organizations, advocates through coalitions, and tracks bills of interest to public health. To receive legislative updates, sign up for the monthly CLHO Newsletter. If you are part of a local health department in Oregon, email to receive weekly legislative updates during the session.

Oregon Health Authority (OHA)

Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association (ORLA)

Decorative Dried Plants

Food Safety News

FOOD SAFETY NEWS was founded in 2009 when print and broadcast media were facing consolidation and steep budget cuts. Food safety attorney Bill Marler saw an opportunity to pull together a team of talented journalists and give them the resources to provide timely reporting on food safety issues like no other news outlet could. Today, their original, in-depth reports are published daily and are complemented by contributed articles and opinion pieces written by food safety leaders from every sector of the industry. (Search site for "legislative updates" to filter articles.) 

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