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What is OEHA?

The Oregon Environmental Health Association consists of environmental health professionals working in a variety of fields throughout the state of Oregon. This non-profit organizaiton was founded in 1941 as the Oregon Association of Sanitarians (OAS) and affiliated with the National Association of Sanitarians (NAS) in 1946. In 1970, both the OAS and NAS adopted the name Environmental Health Association.

OEHA has enabled Environmental Health Specialists to pool their resources, expertise, connections, and experience, to promote a unified voice for public health. Our association's primary direction has been in support of continuing education opportunities. Central to OEHAs' activities is the annual spring and regional fall conferences. These draw a majority of our members and nonmembers for sessions on a variety of public health topics and to take action on association business. We've had close ties with the EHS Registration Board, participated on rule committees, provided public education, and testified on legislative measures, supported financially towards college students and international public health activities. One of the many recognitions includes the Oregon Annual Environmental Health Specialist Day declaration by the Governor.

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OEHA is an affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association

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